Open Letter To Deputy President William Ruto After His ‘No Room For Gays In Kenya’ Stance

May 5, 2015

RUTOThe Deputy President’s recent remarks over homosexuality have caused quite the uproar in the country. Mr Ruto was speaking during a church service at Jesus Winner Ministry in Kasarani where he said homosexuality is not allowed as it goes against Christianity and human nature.

“There is no room for homosexuality in our society. Be assured of that.
“When we say this, we are not doing so for us to get votes, but to denounce what we all feel is not right,” he was quoted saying.

This was despite the court order a week earlier to have a gays and lesbians’ organisation registered.
Here is the open letter addressed to Mr Ruto:
Open letter to Mr vice president Ruto ,
Dear Mr Deputy President ,
High functions come with high responsibility , I am afraid you have pictured Kenya internationally as a country where education is wanting , your arguments you used against homosexuals are arguments only used by ignorant people .
One can understand you are against homosexuality, like someone can be against the colour blue, One can live with that, however if you give arguments that have been proven fallacious you probably syllogize the wrong conclusion, a wrong conclusion that could lead to a lot of suffering.

Let us look at the two arguments you have given; homosexuality is against nature. This argument is flawed for several reasons, every known mammal species has homosexual individuals amongst them
From the humble mouse to the mighty elephant, from the Aardvark to the Zebra, all of them have homosexual individuals on record.
We also now know that homosexuality is a necessary by-product of evolution, as it succumbs to two major rules for evolution, the strife for variety, and science has discovered that female siblings of homosexual men have more and stronger offspring.
The natural argument fails in other major ways as well, we do not look at nature to guide our morality , we see incest and cannibalism in nature , does not make it good because it is natural , we are doing a lot of unnatural deeds that are good any way , prosthetic limbs , bypasses , pace makers ,all are not natural , yet you will not refuse those because them being unnatural , again your argument fails terribly .
Let’s now look at your other argument, homosexuality is not Christian. As vice president of a secular state you could not make that argument at all. You also represent the other religions and the non believers. But again the argument itself is flawed. The major denominations, like Catholics, Anglicans, Orthodox, Protestants do accept homosexuality . The pope himself says that we do have to respect and accept homosexuality, in religious matters I think he still knows better.
The bible does not talk about “Loving, same-sex relationships” The bible talks about lustful, casual homosexual behaviour, it is only the later behaviour that is condemned . Also we do not use the bible as moral guide anymore like we do not endorse slavery or stoning people working on Sabbath either .
So it is safe to say that your both arguments fail, to not commit the fallacy of fallacies, we do have to give you another chance to come up with valuable arguments of which you drawn your conclusion , but one will not hold ones breath , because which arguments would there be against people who love each other, be it in a different way ?

Via Paul Van Beveren- Freethinkers Initiative Kenya(FIKA)

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