PHOTOS of the Under-Construction State-of-the-art Mpesa Foundation Academy

May 5, 2015

MPesa Foundation Academy 5
Finally, the Mpesa Foundation has made clear it’s intention to build a state-of-the-art learning institution for the less privileged and form four leavers who did not score good grades to enable them further their studies.
The proposed academy that will be built along Thika-Mang’u road, is expected to be complete by next year and will be able to accommodate at least 800 students by the year 2019. The unique thing about the school is that it will mainly focus on nurturing the students’ abilities and talents.
The unique institution will also have an indoor sports hall, a sports field with a running track, swimming pools, squash courts, a music centre and a 500 seats auditorium. Well, as we wait for its completion, here are models of how the academy will look like.
MPesa Foundation Academy 1
MPesa Foundation Academy 2
MPesa Foundation Academy 3
MPesa Foundation Academy 4
The construction has already kicked off.
MPesa Foundation Academy 5
MPesa Foundation Academy 6
MPesa Foundation Academy 7

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