Portuguese Artiste Tributes Kenya With ‘Kilimanjaro’ Music VIDEO

April 9, 2015

kiliThe  massacre of 147 students that took place last week at Garissa University, has not only dealt a big blow to Kenyan citizens but the atrocity has also touched lots of people living far away from our nation.
While a group of Venezuelan students showed their solidarity with their fellow Kenyan scholars, a Portuguese artiste was busy making this video that he says has been inspired by the terror attacks that have been taking place in our peaceful country.
The music video dubbed Kilimanjaro tributes Mt Kilimanjaro as the summit of all humanity. Via his YouTube page, the artiste known as Chapa Dux also added that, “Killimanjaro, the humanity summit. We were stroked in the heart of our roots. Roots that we nurished for thousands of years. Roots that made us get to the top, and the top is UHURU, that means Freedom in Kiswaili. Anda that UHURU, they can never take away from us. Our love is our shield. They can strike, but they can never win! We stand together for the greater good!” Chapa Dux with Kenya! RESPECT!
Here’s the soulful tune dedicated to Kenya that Chapa came up with.

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