This Guy Blasted Safaricom For Poor Grammar…The Reply He Got Was Silencing

April 9, 2015

kisIn case you didn’t know, Safaricom has taken its services to the next level. Aye! For a long time now, the leading mobile network operator in Kenya has been running social media pages that offer their subscribers the privilege of communicating with Customer Care one on one. For that matter, online subscribers have of late been expressing their problems through Facebook and Twitter, where they get assisted by the active personnel who are quick to reply the plights of their customers.
However, despite the fact that the service is usually meant to mostly assist with network related issues, some people have been tweeting all sorts of nonsensical complains, and hence, some have been getting embarrassed in the process.
For instance, this guy blasted Safaricom for poor English not knowing that he had misspelt bundles as ‘bindles’ in the tweet that he send them. Safaricom Customer Care were quick to note the mistake he had made. Here is the silencing reply he got served with.
Hilarious Safaricom reply to customer 2

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