Mustafa Sets Things Straight On His Alleged Beef With Prezzo

April 29, 2015

musMustapha has dismissed reports that he dissed rapper Prezzo as a wannabe. According to SDE, Mustapha blasted his old nemesis as fake and no longer relevant in the industry.
The ‘Lenga Stress’ hitmaker has come out to claim that the reports by the local daily were false and meant to create friction between him and the self proclaimed King of Bling. He took to social media to set things straight.
“I have woken up to disturbing news that  Mustafa has dismissed my long-time friend and rapper prezzo as a wannabe. This is not Mustafa’s actual ways of doing things, I don’t just go around attacking my friends. This is a misguided rumour. Prezzo, like many other artistes, has the potential to be huge and go past the superstar that he is today,” Mustafa said.
“To my fans, I am forever grateful to you for your confidence in my music and vision. I learned so much about what is really important in this industry from you, and am grateful for our continued friendship… Just know that Mustafa is just getting warmed up! I’m still writing from my heart, still working with my team and will always be using my gift that God gave me. To all my V.I.P.’s Thank you for all of the Support you’ve given me this far and for continuing to take this journey with me as we head to the next level” he added.

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