Joseph Hellon Denies Fathering Esther Arunga’s Baby

April 27, 2015

helon1Wherever he goes controversy seems to follow Jazz Maestro Joseph Hellon. Despite the countless times he has had to open up on his dramatic experiences surrounding former TV girl Esther Arunga, Joseph still remains an enigma and the media still wants to know more about him.
He spoke to The Nairobian recently and among the many questions he was asked was whether he fathered Esther Arunga’s late child.
Rumour mills had it that the baby Timberlake is accused of murdering in Australia was yours. Is this true?
“That’s a lie. That child was conceived after Quincy was released from prison in April 2010 and the baby was born in late December. I’ve seen blogs claiming that Esther was six months pregnant when Quincy was released from prison. Did that child stay in the womb for 15 months?”
Are you in touch with Esther Arunga or her family?
“Not at all. She doesn’t want to talk to me.”
Most recently, David Owako accused you of abducting his children. What transpired?
“David Owako approached me claiming he was an ‘IDP.’ He was broke and he also claimed his wife had abandoned him with two kids. He requested we host his two kids over the August holidays last year, which we did.
“When he failed to raise court fees, we helped him pay. We asked him to leave with his kids, but he abandoned them after staying with us for three days. We called the Karen children’s officers and reported him to Karen Police Station. He ignored our calls and we didn’t know where he was.
“He has now been charged for giving false information to police and for abandoning his kids.”
More on his interview on The Nairobian

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