Jalang’o Set for a One Man Show Across 5 Counties

April 1, 2015

jalas“Always stay hungry” is a mantra popular comedian Phelix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o lives by.
True to his mantra he is set to take his ‘hunger’ a notch higher. The popular comedy who has created a household brand for himself over the years, is set to tour the country for a one man show.
Details on the show remain scanty for now but it is set to be one man, one mic, one band, one hour show across 5 counties.
He dropped the hint saying: “Before you believe in me I believe in myself … and since you believe in me and I believe in you and myself and I put god first. I am staging a one man show in 5 counties. One hour with one band. #teamjalas. Go big or go home. See you soon.”
Keep it Nairobi Wire for more.

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