“I am Not a Socialite. I am an Entertainer” – Pendo

April 13, 2015

pendoFormer socialite Pendo has fired a warning shot to anyone who dares to call her a socialite.
In a bid to erase her scandalous past, Pendo now just wants to be referred to as a musician and entertainer. This comes after she dropped her debut music video last week as she turned 24.
“I have been in studio since the beginning of the year recording my new music and I have cut a whole different image. I wish I could erase the past. I am not a socialite. Dare you call me that,” she declared.
The singer is keen on what brought her to Nairobi from Mombasa four years ago; pursuing her music career.
Her new video, ‘Sometimes’ reportedly cost her Ksh 800,000.

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