“Female Condoms Offer Great Thrill. Try Them Ladies” – Singer Qty

April 20, 2015

qtyUpcoming singer Qty has urged the ladies to use female condoms as they are better than pills. She reckons female condoms offer great confidence and sexual thrill.
“I would wish that all girls…everyone with a boyfriend and is sexually active to start using female condoms. They are safer than male condoms. They are a better option than P2s,” the singer told Pulse.
“I can tell you that female condoms offer great sexual thrill. Try them. They will give you the confidence you need,” she added.
The singer returned to Kenya in December from Zanzibar where she had been working with a band. She now runs the self-titled Qty Foundation that works with a mentorship organisation to support HIV and Aids affected girls.
“The truth is that you go out with a man and the next thing he is telling you is that he has no condom. Why can’t you take responsibility? Why not carry your own condom?” she quipped.

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