Mr Lenny Paid a Handsome 6 Figure Amount by OLX To Remix His ‘Cash Money’ Song

March 3, 2015

lennyMr Lenny is laughing all the way to the bank thanks to his remixed hit Cash Money that was picked up by OLX.
For a 10 year old song, Mr Lenny is delighted that he is still relevant in the music industry. The song is being used by the online marketplace for radio advertisements.
According to Lenny, he cannot complain about the pay as it was a nice six-figure amount.
“I got overwhelmed by happiness when I received the call to do the remix. The song itself is more than 10 years old and having a chance like this is such an honour. It shows that I am still relevant in the music industry. I was not expecting this deal and that’s why I am comfortable with whatever I got from it. It was a nice six-figure sum and I can’t complain at all,” Lenny told Word Is.

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