Juliani Makes Remarkable History In Jazz Cafe, London

March 13, 2015

Juliani has been doing great in matters music, entertainment and benevolent projects. The veteran award winning contemporary hip hop artiste flew to London the past week all set for a couple of performances in one of the most reputable restaurants in the vast city.
In the company of South Sudan’s superstar Emanuel Jal, Juliani made remarkable history in London after becoming the first East African artiste to perform at the Jazz Cafe located at 5 Parkway, Camden. The two artistes also managed to get a full house during their show. Posting pictures of their London tour, an elated Juliani took to his Facebook fan page to break the news with a caption that read, ‘Jazz Cafe in pictures..Emmanuel Jal and I, first East Africa act to perform and get a full house on a Monday…’
Here are some of the photos from London.
Juliani, Emanuel Jal 2
Juliani, Emanuel Jal
Juliani, London 3
Juliani, London 4
Juliani, London 5
Juliani, London 6

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