From Mathare Slums to Ruling Airwaves in Nigeria…Willy Paul Celebrates Blessings for Haters to See

March 17, 2015

willyYoung gospel star Willy Paul has risen in great leaps to become one of the most decorated artists in Kenya and East Africa. His shining star is now spreading to West Africa, something that he is very proud of.
Through social media, the hitmaker made it known that his music is now getting airplay in Nigeria. His hit song ‘Mamangu’ was featured on Sound City top 10 countdown.
He addressed his haters posting:
“Like 3yrs ago… I was struggling in mathare slums.. With no food to eat… and with no school fees… today God has changed my life… from mathare to hitting millions of view on youtube. . Being the first gospel artist in East Africa to be played on Trace tv.. and now today… I was changing channels and came across my new song MAMANGU on SOUND CITY top ten count down a Nigerian music channel that airs all over Africa. . … even with all the hate.. my God never let’s me down… He keeps blessing me more and more for my enemies to see… asante baba”

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