“Vigeti is a Legend. I Can Never Try to do a Diss-track for an Artiste of his Calibre” – Rabbit

March 17, 2015

rabbit1High flying rapper Kaka Sungura holds no grudge against legendary rapper Vigetti for mentioning him in a diss track.
Vigetti, in the diss track dubbed ‘Simba’, describes Kaka Sungura and fellow rapper Khaligraph Jones as “watoto wadogo vichwa ndio vimeanza kufura” meaning little kids whose heads have started growing thick.
However, the Ligi Soo rapper claims he has nothing against the Kalamashaka member describing him as a legend.
“Vigeti is a legend. I can never try to do a diss-track for an artiste of his calibre. With him mentioning me in the track is a signal that I am a relevant name in this biz (sic). Although he might have pulled it as a publicity scheme, I have lots of respect for him and I hold nothing against him at all. I will be at his album launch and I will make sure I will buy it. If at all he asks me for a collabo, who am I. We will certainly do it!” he told Word Is.
Here’s a recap of ‘Simba’ incase you missed it:

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