Buzzfeed Gets on The Churchill Roasting Train After He Blamed Woman for Getting Raped by MP

March 24, 2015

churchillComedian Daniel Ndambuki never in his wildest dream thought that his Buzzfeed debut would be because of a Tweet he made, and for that matter a very negative one.
Yesterday, Churchill posted a Tweet that was seen as blaming the woman who claims she was raped by Imenti Central MP Gideon Mwiti.
“#‎JustAsking….So, a MARRIED WOMAN agrees to meet a honorable MALE MP at 10:30 pm?… ALONE …?” he wondered.
Here’s a screenshot of the now deleted tweet.
He also made a similar remark on Facebook, and the reaction was crazy.

He later deleted it and offered this explanation(ish).

But not before he blocked Binyavanga for condemning him.

Well, atleast he made it to Buzzfeed frontpage.
But the comments on the story brought about the African stereotyping again.
And then the discussion turned to our ‘honourable’ MPs.
How many signature do we really need to recall these MPs?

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