Ruth Matete Refuses To Deny That She Has Gone Broke

May 12, 2014

Vocalist Ruth matete has been off media for a while after controversies enveloped her the very minute she was announced winner of music reality show Tusker Project Fame.
She has however upped her chin and now ready to take on her haters. “I have come to accept the media. Although they slander me all the time, I realise that I need them in my music career,” she said in an interview with Nairobi News.
When asked for comments about rumours that went round alleging she was crazy at some point in time, she laughed and said, “I know I have done some crazy things in my life but losing it completely; never. Look at me now. I am perfectly sane. I do not believe someone who has actually gone crazy can make the transformation that quickly and be able to hold conversations or go to interviews.”
Rumours on her finances did not seem to ogre well with her. “It is really unfair when someone writes something when they are not sure about it. Even if I am broke, that is my private life. It is my problem, not theirs. I do not go round telling the world how they should spend their money so why are they so concerned about mine,” she said.
There you have it… no straight answer.

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