An Open Letter To Sauti Sol

May 6, 2014

The new music video ‘Nishike’ by the ace boys band Sauti Sol has sent the ladies to a frenzy as the lads show off their well chiseled muscles. The well stuck abs was a wake up call for the guys to hit the gym.
However, the video did not ogre well with other Sauti Sol’s fans as they termed it as ‘too explicit’.  Cherotich Chichi Bett is one fan who claims to be a hopless Sauti sol fan and that the exquisite band is doing it the ‘Miley Cyrus way’; the wrong way. She expressed her views in an open Letter. Read it below;

Eeeerm look don’t get me wrong I have always loved sauti sol ever since day one…however they always had a thing for videos that were wrong for example afande..”usiniseti afande..blablabla”..
Anyways, I still have all the albums in two sets for the family car and then for the house..sauti sol and kidum are partially responsible for most of the Swahili that I know or I am aware being the faithful fan that I am I decided to watch the newly released video that they have been working on for months…
Eeeerm Dear Polycarp otieno,Bien aime, chimano and Delvin..take no offense,I thoroughly appreciate the fact that you all went out of your way to get 16 packs of abs,you have beautiful bodies. I recommend your gym instructor to any man or woman who wants to looks exquisite,heck I wouldn’t mind even taking a glance at your gym instructor just to see how a little bit of heaven looks like,I love your voices they were amazing,they are slowly (your voices) being eaten away by the flu you contracted when you spent millions of hours without your clothes…
Dear Polycarp I miss your guitar days,I must however commend you for the arousing instigating fomenting sparking surprisingly great waist movements…(the tall dark one is Polycarp for those who don’t know). are you guys having deep seated issues that we all need to know about???well you all bundled up into one are acting like miley cyrus I love miley just that I didn’t expect you guys to turn out that way..
Eeeerm I am not saying that I did not enjoy seeing you naked I did and I might have accidentally touched myself…
I need real music back…this is not good
Thanks.oow my name is Cherotich Chichi Bett and I am a hopeless sauti sol fan..Ooow P/s an opinion is like a nose or a toyota whichever suits you everyone has one…

Would Cherotich’s sentiments and yours match up?

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