Nonini’s Heart Warming Letter To His Two Year Old Son.

May 8, 2014

nonii n sonKenyan rapper Nonini is surely a proud father. His adorable son Jay has just turned 2 years. Instead of/After pampering the ‘kiddo’ with gifts, Nonini used his lyric writing prowess to pen him this heart warming letter.

Dear Jay
Najua hautakua able kusoma hii sai but one day i know you will be able to,sabu the internet never forgets na siku moja utacheki nilikuandikia ka message during your 2nd birthday. I always write about you but i have never written to you….
Jay Jay you have grown into a little handsome boy who always has a mind of his own and never give’s up till things work your way and i think all this inatoka from the day ulizaliwa May 7th 2012.
Actually you were not supposed kukamu hio siku and since i thought that utakuja the next week according to the docs, i was out in london doing my work (Performing Rugby 7′s Glasgo) kama kawa but Surprise surprise you had a mind of your own even in the belly and thats why i will always treasure today because the same day back in 2012 i was not around.

This day is just a blessing seeing you grow from a baby to a little boy who actually calls me “Nanini” & sings my songs back to back mpaka to the little ad-libs…The first time Mummy recorded you singing i could not believe what i was hearing coming out of your mouth. Trying to pronounce words just made me melt inside and feel so humbled Jay Jay.
Looking at you smile every day enjoying exploring the world just makes me feel so proud of you little man. I know am not a perfect Father but i try my best just to make you feel happy and i Love You So Much! When we walk around the house you love following me around and imitating every action i do, even in my videos & this makes me feel kinda sad (in a good way) sabu i want to be the perfect Daddy for my little ka Jay Jay. I can actually see my influence over you some times and will never want to go wrong.
You have changed everything about me,the way i see life the way i perceive the world up to the music i do and i wanna thank you for that.
May 7th is always gonna be special to me because i did not get to experience what most fathers experience when their child is born so today will always be that experience to me. Mommy has lots of surprises for you and i know you will enjoy each and every one of your gifts. At-least you will have lots of activities to do with all the energy you got. 2 years into this and i would never trade you for anything in this world…..
Ka Mgenge Juniour Ka Mine, Nakupenda mbaya sana na ntakushow every day of our lives,every hour,every year as you grow older.
Happy Birthday Jaden,
Daddy MgengeTrue

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