Kingwa Kamencu Begs For a Quickie at Jeevanjee

May 9, 2014
kingwaI’ve tried to understand Kingwa Kamencu, the presidential aspirant in 2013 elections, but I come back with nothing.
She probably has the most controversial Facebook page in the country, and I can’t stop imagining the size of the bullet Kenya dodged.
When she’s not not inviting you for an ‘underwear free party’, she’s narrating how she got arrested unhanging neighbours panties from their hanging lines.
On Wednesday, she made another bizarre post, begging for sex. She wanted it immediately and in public.
Here’s what she wrote.
It would be so nice to have a quickie right about now. If there’s anyone free, kindly inbox me and we can meet at Jevanjee in 10 minutes.

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