Kenyan Security Guard ‘Watchman’ Releases New Song

May 2, 2014

Lee Wando aka Watchman hails from Ugenya in Siaya and works as a security guard in Nairobi.
The 28 year old guard has released a song after saving for almost one year to raise the required fees to record. The hit dubbed ‘Nini‘ cost the lad Sh 30,ooo and was recorded at one of Kenya’s biggest stables, Grandpa.
The guard started singing in 2007, but recorded his music in “small” studios thus never came out well, missing out on airplay. After almost 10 years recording in small studios, he decided to up his game and play with the big guns in the music industry.
Watchman came to know of Grandpa Records after listening to rap master Kenrazy interview on radio.
Listen to his jam

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