PHOTO – DJ Sadic Before The Fame and Money

May 12, 2014

Life is certainly a journey where one progressively builds up a road to destiny. Nothing comes easy, and if it does, it definitely goes easy. Dj Sadic can attest of this. He is commonly referred to as the mix genius, master of his craft and number one contender for the top spot in ‘deejaying’.
A photo of him taken in 2008 when starting out his career found a way to the social media. That was before the flashy cars, before ladies screamed his name and before the coveted title ‘mix genius’.
When reached for a comment, this is what the towering Dj had to say. “Kuteseka ni kwa muda heheheThis was 2008 All Star unity party at Sifa car park With Dj Mo & DJ Riq. God is faithful!before ladies screamed his name and before he was referred to as the mix genius.”
Check out the photo.


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