Nameless Faces Culture Shock in London

May 12, 2014
One would never expect celebrities who are prone to travel widely  to be caught up in culture shock. Nameless is one of them who has had enough in London. The “Ng’ang’ana” hit-maker, has had it hard in London as everything seems overly expensive. This was his post in Facebook.

“London is toooooooooo expensive…. i just spent a night in room smaller than a south B SQ and spent 23000ksh!!!! express train to central London from airport was5k!!! taxi to the hotel from train stop was 3k yet it was 10 mins away!!! Seriously????? Bomboclat!!!!! ‪#‎lessonlearnt!! you better plan ur trip well and book in advance!!!”

Check out the post
Perhaps he forgot that their average income is well above Kenya’s.

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