Demarco – East African Artistes Have No Fame in Jamaica

May 13, 2014

High flying Jamaican dancehall artiste Demarco was in Uganda last week. The lad came out rubbishing claims that East African artistes are known all over the world.
He came out to clear the air saying that East African dancehall artistes, the likes of Wyre and Chameleon had no fame in Jamaica challenging them to pull up their socks.
“When I am here, all I seem to hear is Chameleone… All the (dancehall) songs you claim to be big are not known in Jamaica and neither the artistes. Local artistes should go to Jamaica and promote their act if they expect to get results,” he warned.
He went ahead to trash his collaboration single with Peter Miles, Blessings, saying no one in Jamaica knew it.
Do you concur with Demarco?

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