Massive Throwback – Anita Nderu As an Adorable Young Girl

April 4, 2014

As usual we are always on hand to bring you throwbacks every week, with Thursday being the official throwback day when celebrities and public figures share photos of themselves from back then. This week we feature one of the hottest screen sirens, Anita Nderu.
She made her TV debut on NTV’s Teen Republic and instantly became a darling to many including myself. She however left the show in unclear circumstances and is now on radio at Capital FM.
As we await her TV comeback, if ever there will be one, we can only get to see the eye candy on photos and she has been keeping her fans updated on her Instagram page. She shared a photo from her days back then when she was an adorable shy little girl.
Check her out, she is at the centre looking chill.
Captioned: He he I was the biggggggest fan of bubble gummers:)”
Anita now

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