Students Storm Out of School in Kwale Following BedBug Infestation

April 4, 2014

Waa-Secondary-School-June-2011Students from Waa Girl’s secondary school in Kwale stormed out of the school compound on Sunday complaining over severe infestation of bedbugs. The protesting students caused havoc in the school before security officials in the area were called to restore calm.
According to The Star, a student who refused to be named was quoted saying that the school administration had failed to save them from the bedbug menace.
“We cannot even concentrate in the class because the bedbugs bite us and we thought the school management would help us but it is not the case,” said the student.
In a recent parent’s meeting the issue was discussed and the management urged to device a way of helping the students out. County health public officer Redempta Muendo said they had advised the school’s administration to spray the affected areas to get rid of the bedbugs.
“If they continue failing to act because that is their role as a school then we will have no option rather than taking legal action against them,” she told The Star.

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