Lady Jaydee Sued by Neighbours for Being ‘Dirty’

April 22, 2014

jaydSinger and songwriter Lady Jaydee is at loggerheads with her neighbors for being dirty. The concerned residents of Dar Es Salaam’s Kimara Temboni neighborhood have lodged an official complaint with the authorities for alleged neglect of the environment.
The neighbors who sought Tanzania’s environmental authorities claim that Lady Jaydee is dirty and has completely neglected her compound. According to them the overgrown grass poses a threat as a breeding environment for snakes.
“We have children who play here and the overgrown grass in her compound means the snakes that breed there might harm our kids if not cut short,” said a neighbor.
Lady Jaydee is believed to live with only her husband in her big mansion. She does not have workers or house keepers and that could be the reason her compound is a mess.

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