Jimw@t Expresses Gratitude To Those Who Stood By Him

April 17, 2014

The winner ‘Favorite New Artiste’ in Chaguo La Teeniez Awards in 2006, James Wathigo a.k.a Jimw@t has come out to express gratitude and pleasure for the support from friends and family through his trying times. The calif record genge rapper faced major blow after drooling in drug abuse, involvement in a grisly road accident which put  him to bed rest for most of 2013, and losing his dad last month.
This was his post on Facebook.
Kwanza, na’ Thank GOD sana kuwa alive, Amenitoa mbali.
Big-up y’all 4 your Prayers & being loyal fans. Feels great to be back.
Much love 4 all my fam’.., simtaji jina mna’jijua, mBarikiwe mpaka mshangae! Nelson Kamoche Kamau Tu’endelee ku’hustle jo.Can’t thank u’ enuff Liz Kamene
Big up 2 Calif Records; Beat ya Clemo Clement Rapudo Jua Cali Mejja Genge Ala-c Genge Alphamsanii Genge Arton Khainga Susboy Genge #‎TeamGenge Big-up4 standin’ by me tangu day 1 till now #TeamGenge tuzidi kuongeza bidii. Moraaal. Watch-out 4 #‎TeamTheKansoul droppin’ a$ap shinda Rocky/Ferq. Big-up Madtraxx Von Rosso @kora kora & Jobless Corner Keggah Corner Lisa Kihiu Wa Mugo Jedidah Skeltah #‎TeamGengeDiaspora Tunavuka border kaa’ beste yangu Jaguar Kenya Jo shukran Big-up kaka/ Mungu akuongeze Baraka!//

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