JB Masanduku’s April Fools Prank Fools Blogs and Their Readers

April 2, 2014

When I first read that story on Niaje, I thought it was a better April Fools prank that what the Star newspaper had pulled. Before we talk about JB, lets talk about the Star.
‘Jay Z buys land in Machakos County’, screamed their headline.. seriously, who would fall for that?
Here was the report.

Rap music mogul, Jay Z is rumoured to have bought land in the up and coming Kenyan county of Machakos. Word Is can reveal that the the Empire State of Mind star has been following the success story that is Machakos County and is “super interested in the big amphitheatre that will be set up there,” a source said.
Apparently there is talk for him to lease land and invest in a “music operation that could see Kenya be one of the offices for his label that will sign other African acts.” This is all in the preliminary stages, our source said because it all depends on the business incentives government gives the investor.

Back to the JB story, the comedian released some photos of himself kissing a supposedly teenage girl. Of course Niaje did not write they were from him. From the comments that followed, both on the site and on Twitter, you could tell that not many people thought of the date. Even if they did,  perhaps the photos were proof enough.
Ratchet blog, the Kenyan Shitty Post picked up the story as their own and announced JB a shameless cheat. They also reminded their readers of the incident where Tina Kaggia reportedly beat up JB in public.
Anyway, this was probably the most believable of yesterday’s April Fools pranks. Here are those photos.
Anyway, JB apologized for not disclosing the full extent of his infidelity. Here’s the video.

Props – Niaje

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