Caroline Mutoko Describes How Motherhood Changed Her

April 30, 2014
Caroline Mutoko is a household name for many good and bad reasons. She is known as the intellectual iron-lady, the no nonsense radio presenter and an alpha woman.
However, like any other normal human being, Carol has her Achilles heel. Nduku is a wistful eyed beautiful 3 year old, whom she adopted from Imani Children’s home in Kayole. Even though she is a busy lady, Caroline still manages to find time for her adorable baby who was two months ago Christened and given a new name – ‘Theodora’.

In an interview with True Love Magazine in stores next month, she describes how motherhood has changed her. She said “Motherhood has made me more efficient and purposeful. My life, time money and energy are better utilized. My dreams and ambitions are bigger but also more formatted.”
At 3 years of age, Nduku is already a beauty and her baptismal name is actually derived from the Greek words theos, meaning “god” and doron, meaning “gift . A gift from God and a daughter who she does not hesitate to shower with love and give the best care in the world

The career woman always mentions Nduku in her show and its clear her daughter has had a profound effect.

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