Capital FM Presenter Joe Muchiri Carjacked at Gunpoint

April 30, 2014

joemuchiriThe insecurity in the country continues to be the biggest challenge facing the incumbent government . Not even the president’s relative (case in point the carjacking on his aunt), members of parliament and senators feel safe.
The latest victim of insecurity is popular Capital FM presenter Joe Muchiri. The big spending party goer was carjacked in the company of a friend over the weekend. Lucky for them they escaped unhurt because Joe could talk his way out of trouble in his mother tongue. He broke the news on social media and here’s what he had to say:
After a very nice weekend away from Nairobi some wankers decided carjacking Felix & I would make their night. Sigh. Thankfully we did not die. Thanks to cooperation and me being a Kyuk. Life has no guarantee. Each day is gift. Oh and Fuck them…

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