Prezzo Accused of Battering Event Promoter DJ Stone With A Gun

March 24, 2014

prezzoBeef and claims of extortion between artists and event organisers have been the norm for some time now but it has never gotten this ugly.
Former Big Brother housemate Prezzo is being accused of manhandling and beating up Deejay Stone. Apparently, the deejay had organised a show dubbed Big brother tour in Kitengela and he says he paid Prezzo a deposit of Ksh 40, 000 and cleared the remaining amount later. However, the rapper was allegedly not content, demanding more money which the DJ was not ready to part with.
“I had organised a concert dubbed Big brother Tour in Kitengela. I paid him a deposit of Sh40,000 and paid the rest after the show. Prezzo, however, demanded that I should also pay him an additional Sh5,000 for his fuel,” he told The Nairobian, “They, prezzo and his pals, hit me in the head and in the stomach and threatened to kill me if I went to the press or even reported to the police.”
However, Prezzo was quick to refute those allegations.
“He was supposed to pay me the rest of the money after the concert, but claimed to have suffered huge losses. He asked us to go home and promised to send the money later. I did not believe him because he had disappeared with my money in a different concert,” Prezzo said.  “We insisted on staying with him till he gave us the money. He then took us to a club in Westlands where he claimed his cousin was working as a DJ. He only paid Sh5,000 and I never heard from him again. If I indeed hurt him, what took him so long to report?”
Dj Stone was admitted at Coptic hospital where his bill, which reportedly accumulated to Ksh 100, 000, was cleared by Jaguar.

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