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March 10, 2014

modelDo you want to become a model and make it big in the modelling career?
Are you a model sick and tired of getting dodged and short-changed by modelling-agencies?
Are you tired of carrying your portfolio in a cd?
Here is a platform for you to break out in this star-studded industry;
Be your own boss today by creating an account on is an online network of models that aims at taking modelling to the next level by giving models the platform to interact one on one with the client.
All you need to do is;

  1. Create an account (e-profile).
  2. Add your portfolio (not necessary for starting models).
  3. Add high quality images that will impress the end client.
  4. Apply for a job that suites you.
  5. Wait to be shortlisted by the client.

The importance of registering with is that;

  1. You will be getting timely audition alerts online.
  2. Apply for modelling jobs online.
  3. Get shortlisted online.
  4. Interact one on one with key industry players to learn more about modelling.
  5. Network with other models as you share ideas.
  6. Your portfolio can be viewed from any part of the world.
  7. Models have been undergoing a lot of mistreatment through the hands of promoters who lack transparency. gives you the platform that you can pose tall on it for the rest of the world to see. made to make you make it.

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