How Saitoti’s Son Zachary is Making His Own Money

March 10, 2014

ZACHARY SAITOTIIn many cases, the children of the rich rarely work for their own money. After their parents have left them, they live off their inheritance for the rest of their lives. Zachary Saitoti is however not like many rich kids.
The son of the late Saitoti has decided to make a name for himself. He has a photography studio by the name shift eye photography, located at the Priory building in Hurlingham. The building is believed to be part of his inheritance from the father.
Zachary also owns a state of the art gallery in the city.  According to his website, shifteye.netthe gallery consists of a photographic studio and an events space. The space is designed to cater for musical performances, creative pieces presentations and cocktail parties.
It will host a poetic event dubbed silence is a woman from March 13 – 15.

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