Fan Pushes Willy Paul To Tears in The US

March 13, 2014

Willy-PaulThings seem to be working out for Willy Paul. First and foremost, he passed his KCSE exams with a B+ though many doubted the results. In fact, word going round was that the sitolia singer had gotten a D. As Rihanna says, haters will talk whether you do good or bad and that was the case. Anyway, his music is also doing well; he has signed a modelling deal with an International agency and as we speak, he is currently on tour in the USA.
While in the US, Willy Paul took the opportunity to visit the White House and with that I mean admire it from the rails. During a performance at the Mclean High School in U.S.A, a fan, a small girl to be specific, took the mic and sang the whole song word for word, pushing Willy to tears.
willy paul
 ”I almost cried, from nothing to something ndio state niko. . God you are wonderful from mathare to blessing souls in America. Thank you my Jehovah,”  he said.
Additional reporting by Ulizalinks.

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