Here is The Easiest Way of Doing Auditions

March 12, 2014

msupaI know you have been shortchanged by lots of modeling agents. I have been a hapless victim too and it really hurts. You don’t have to keep chasing after dodgy modeling agencies anymore. No! Not anymore. There is an easy and cost effective way of getting models to register for your auditions in this town. You don’t need to undergo through the production of expensive posters and fliers in this modern day and age of a mass digital revolution. You don’t have to sit down for long tedious hours to carry out your auditions. Get value for your money today.
Conduct an online audition today for free. Save the models the expense of travelling.
See the models and interact one on one with them today at
Get all these exclusive models at by:
Create an online account as a client/job advertiser with for free
Post free job alerts/notifications for models to apply
View and vet the models profiles & portfolios
Handpick and chat with the models that suite your interest in question
Interact, chat one on one with models online
Cut cost of printing posters and flyers
Avoid the headache of getting short-changed by dealing with rogue modelling agents
Shortlist the models you feel best suite your job description online

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