How Dj Mantix Was Duped ‘Six Figures’ in Kisii

March 14, 2014

dj mantixDj Mantix is up in arms after he was duped money amounting to six figures in Kisii.
Apparently, the DJ was scheduled to perform at an event at Kisii University. The promoters were supposed to pay him in full before the event but that did not happen. They fronted him a fraction of the money and promised to clear the rest after the show to which Mantix agreed.
However, the promoters vanished at around 1 a.m before paying him. He has been trying to contact them ever since to no avail. Mantix has since reported the matter to the police.
“At I noticed that the organizers had disappeared and were nowhere to be found, I have been travelling to Kisii too often to follow up on the matter with the police,” he told Vibeweekly.
He says that the promoters cost him a loss of six figures in cash and a show in Mombasa where he was supposed to perform.
In consolation, he has another show in Mombasa scheduled for  Saturday 15th March 2014 at Candy Rhythm Club.

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