DJ Joe Mfalme Signed By Big UK TV Company

March 4, 2014

DJ-Joe-Mfalme-and-Demarco-746x500Capital FM’s DJ Joe Mfalme has been signed by International TV content providers Box Tv UK.
Joseph Mwenda has been one of the most consistent deejays in the country, taking over the decks at some of the biggest events for Kenyans at home and in the diaspora.
Box TV produces and broadcasts UK’s leading music television shows and offer a full spectrum of musical genres across seven world famous digital channels : 4Music, The Box, Heat, Smash Hits, Kiss, Magic and Kerrang!
Though details are sketchy, it is thought that DJ Joe will be assigned to Kiss, which will give him a worldwide audience. It offers an urban mix of hot videos and artist led countdowns with a unique blend of hiphop and R&B.
Congrats to DJ Joe.

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