UrbanAssault2011This saga of Dj Joe Mfalme, Creme and American Dj Shortee is simply not going away. A day after it was reported that Dj Joe had apologized to Shortee, it now appears he lied.
According to rapnairobi.com, Dj Shortee’s confidant, Dj Faust, has come out to deny hearing from Joe Mfalme. Infact, he said that Dj Shortee wants nothing to do with him despite Joe Mfalme’s claim that the two had become best of friends.
Here’s a recap of what Joe Mfalme reportedly said :
“I have apologized to her for using her intro without knowing and she apologized for the name calling. By the way we have since become very close buddies and are planning on some projects.”
Dj Faust, who together with Shortee make up Urban Assault, said that Dj Joe had not reached to her in any way and dj shortee would never work with him.

“I did see the article and just wanted to get some facts straight. Joe has not reached out to Shortee in any way at all. Creme is the only one who mentioned anything, saying that he doesn’t use intros insinuating that the mix is Joe’s,” he said.
“She’s not expecting any sort of apology or anything like that, she only asked that he didn’t use her intro anymore and remove it from his mixes. We found the intro on 38 of his mixes. Referring to the article, why would she want to work with someone who stole from her, doesn’t really make any sense at all and of course she didn’t say that.”
I hope what comes out next will be the truth.