Diamond Denies Claims That He Tried To Murder Ali Kiba

March 14, 2014

damondIncase you missed it, there was an attempted murder on mellow voiced singer Ali Kiba in his Kariakoo home in Dar es Salaam.
Apparently, someone hired 5 gunmen to take him out but luckily, one of them had second thoughts. It is said that one of them deliberately started a commotion with the others in the process, giving the Cinderella hit maker a narrow window of opportunity to escape.
Ali Kiba later said that the thug who helped him escape called him up and gave out names of the people who had hired him among them top Tanzanian singers. The singer refused to reveal the names but proceeded to report the matter to the police.
“He just mentioned names but I could not verify his claims at once so I reported the matter and the names at the Central Police station so that they can investigate,” he said in an interview.
Rumours doing rounds is that my number one hitmaker, Diamond, is among the suspects. However, the singer says that he knows nothing about the matter and is even ready to be interrogated.
“I have heard my name being mentioned in the attempted murder case, and I must say that, that is a rather heavy charge but I am ready to be interrogated so that the law can take its course because I know it is not true and neither do I know anything at all,” Diamond told UdakuSpecially.
Additional reporting by vibeweekly.

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