This is The PHOTO That Has Kenyans Calling Emmy Kosgei Illuminati

March 6, 2014

emmJust when I thought Kenyans had outgrown the illuminati hullabaloo, they are now back at it and this time, the victim is Emmy Kosgei.
Emmy posted a photo of herself on Sunday showing off her well manicured nails but all some Kenyans seemed to notice was the secret  illuminati symbol or as they call it, ‘the triangle’.
Here is a sample of some comments
‘am sorry , am Nt against anything here , but could u have another way you could show us God’s blessings n love to us than Using ths very sign wch have been associated wth the dark world ? we know your hands belong to God same like ours and also remember those who worship the the darkness also their hands belongs to God? am Nt interested bout the hand bt the sign’
#Emmy wat about that sign you are showing’
#emmy,,,dat sign aint far frm wat we see from da likes of akina #jay-z,#rihanna,,#kanye west,,its not dat we are soo concern with devil works,,bt we need to know how they work 2avoid them!,,,#pyramidSIGN’
‘Am worried of the triangle sign ua coming up using ua fingers…’
Hii sign si poa…’
I still dont believe she pulled that sign.M scared.Eeh Mungu utusaidie!’
‘the illuminati sign’
Check out the photo
emmy kosWhat do you think?

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