Caroline Mutoko Joins Search For The Guy That Sketched Size 8 in a Time lapse Video

March 27, 2014

caroline mutokoIf you missed it, Size 8 finally released her new video yuko na wewe and there is this unidentified person who came up with their own version of the video.
In the 5 minute clip, the artists sketches Size 8 and some scenes from the official video with just a marker pen. Size 8’s husband, Dj Mo is looking for the artist and if you happen to be the one, show yourself, he just wants to reward you.
In the latest development, outspoken radio presenter Caroline Mutoko has joined the search for this artist. She posted the video on her official facebook page and captioned it DJ Mo is looking for this guy and so are we?
Do you know him? Tell him to get in touch – fast.
If you haven’t watched it, here it is.

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