Camp Mulla’s Celebrity Couple Explain ‘Marrige-less’ Relationship

March 17, 2014

tiriBarely a week after Camp Mulla’s Tiri revealed she does not believe in marriage despite being in a relationship with fellow Camp Mulla member Kusma aka K’Cous, she has come out to explain what that means for their relationship.
Speaking to Heads Up, Tiri, who just released her mix tape, was quick to affirm that their relationship was solid and that her statements about marriage did not mean two people cannot live together,
“Just because I don’t believe in marriage does not mean that I don’t want to live with someone. I believe that two people can be together and not necessarily get married,” she said.
She further hinted that her parents divorce might have played a role on her views on marriage. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, appeared to have been irked when reached for comments on Tiri’s revelations.
“I’m not a pastor, I cannot give information on marriage,” he said.

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