PSG Sacks Chefs After Zlatan Ibrahimovic Got Bored With Their Cooking

March 17, 2014

zlataWhat Zlatan wants, Zlatan gets – this we know full well. Even still, this story is quite extraordinary.
Paris Saint-Germain have moved to sack their two head chefs after striker – and now respected food critic – Zlatan Ibrahimovic criticised the lack of variety in the club’s cuisine.
‘You dared to feed me this, again?!’
Le Parisien reported that the Ligue 1 top goalscorer, who has 37 goals to his name already this season for club and country, made a complaint about the “repetitive” food at Camp des Loges.
The result? The club sacked both head chefs and hired two new ones – all in an attempt to placate the Swede.
PSG have also reportedly installed a fresh pasta stand for the team in a further bid to keep the talismanic 32-year-old happy.
Even head coach Laurent Blanc revealed in a press conference that the catering budget per player has also increased markedly with the introduction of the two new chefs.
Head chef Stephane Michon will no doubt be extremely anxious to please Zlatan with a nice variety of Beluga Caviar, white truffles and foie gras de canard.
He may be picky and have the culinary taste of a pampered prince, but frankly that is a price worth paying for PSG – along with his reported £12 million-a-year wages, of course.
This is, after all, the man who said he would buy a hotel instead of struggling to bother finding a flat.
“We are looking for an apartment, but if we find don’t anything then I’ll probably buy the hotel,” he said after his move to Paris.
If you are what you eat then Zlatan wants his weekly diet at the club’s training ground to reflect his unpredictable, mercurial talents.
We’ll have what he’s having, please! Merci, Chef Michon et al.

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