Anto Neosoul’s Tribute To His Parents

March 26, 2014

antoEverybody has that one person that played a huge role in their career; be it that friend who always has a word of encouragement for you when you are feeling down and defeated or that family member that always has your back no matter what. For Antoneosoul, guardian angels come in pairs and in his case, they are his parents.
Apparently, the singer has his parents to thank for where he is today. Not only did they raise him right, they also pushed him towards his passion which is music. The paid my dues hitmaker says his mum made sure he sang in the church choirs and in almost every church event.
In the following heartfelt tribute to them, the teen republic host describes them as caring, wise, spiritual and soulful.
“The 2 most important people in my life are like ” #Cop our son’s album.
Words cannot explain how I feel about my parents who are so friggin supportive, care free, wise yet very young, spiritual, soulful….and my mum can SANG better than any Kenyan female musician. Quote me. Now you know where my singing came from.

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