abbasNot so many people can boast of the talent that Abbas has. Apart from being a pioneer in rap music in Kenya, the K-South rapper is also a painter.
This is not one of those celebs that are a jack of all trades but a master of none. This dude can paint, his pieces are epic and in a recent interview with Homeboyz radio, the chappaa hit maker revealed where he learnt the art.
“I started doing art before I even went to school, my dad was an artist, he was a big time painter. I learnt from him, I’d check up on him at his workplace when I’m not in school and even before I started school, id be sitted on a chair watching him paint Chinese palette lives & oil paints on canvas. It grew in me since I was a baby and my artistic nature in both,(rap and art) came out when I was in primary school, I took it on from there.”
Check out some of his pieces.