Policeman Arrested With Ksh10 Million Westgate Loot

March 19, 2014

poliA police constable charged with possession of goods suspected to have been stolen from victims of Westgate terror attack, was arrested trying to exchange foreign currency amounting to Sh. 10 million at a bureau, a court was told on Monday.
Spring Valley police station boss, Chief Inspector Michael Lemaiyan said Constable Benson Gachuhi Kihenjo was also found in possession of a blood stained wallet, credit cards, cheque books and identification documents believed to belong to victims of the terror attack. The goods were found in his house after a search.
“After we handed the operation to the Kenya Defence Forces, I received reports that Constable Kihenjo was seeking to exchange foreign currency with a value of Sh10 million. I ordered my deputy to record statements from people who had that information,” the OCS who testified in the case at Kibera court said.
“ We charged him because the reasons he gave for possessing the items were not satisfactory. He told us that he collected them from Westgate. We also found 115 fake United States dollars in his house,” Mr Lemayian said.
Additional reporting by Nairobi News

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