Khaligraph Speaks Out On His Beef With Octopizzo

February 6, 2014

KhaligraphjonesWe all know that Khaligraph did a new song, ‘I run 254’ where he mercilessly dissed Octopizzo. However, what many don’t know is why he did it.
Khaligraph, in a recent interview with Niaje, revealed where their never-ending hate comes from. Apparently, Octopizzo started it.
“Octo criticized me first, live on radio and not once. Ghetto radio listeners can confirm this. He made fun of my accent too, yet he himself is very poor in English. “
He added that Octopizzo was jealous of his success as his songs were  the most played after rapper Rabbit’s.
“After Rabbit I’m the most Played Hip Hop artist on Radio. Then there’s Kristoff .Octo only depends on his videos coz his music is not radio friendly. He has struggled to make any reasonable song since ‘Ivo Ivo’. He feels threatened because I have finally gotten the attention.”
Khaligraph defended his diss song saying that one of the reasons he did it is because Octopizzo dissed his home town Kayole.
“He dissed Kayole, the hood in which I grew up. Nobody does that when am around. “
Khaligraph is currently signed to Spincycle Records.

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