Simon Mbugua – Where’s My Promised Job Mr. President

February 6, 2014

simonFormer Kamukunji member of parliament, Simon Mbugua, claims he stepped down for the Area Mp Yusuf Hassan after he was promised a lucrative government job by President Uhuru Kenyatta.
The close ally of the president, says he had to step down to allow for tribal balance within the The National Alliance Party of Kenya (TNA), during the party’s primary elections. Apparently, most of its candidates in Nairobi were Kikuyus.
“When I vied for Kamukunji, I was asked by the TNA party leader to step down for the sake of tribal balance, because the TNA certificate had been given to members of only one tribe in almost all constituencies in Nairobi,” Mr Simon Mbugua said on Tuesday. “I agreed for the party to be seen to be democratic and national. We had to let Hassan who had been injured at that time to take the seat.”
“There is no way you can be told step-down and there is nothing that you are going to be given,” he added.
Speaking to Nairobi News, Yusuf Hassan however dismissed those claims, saying he won fair and square.
“Proper nominations were conducted by TNA. I got more than 5,000 votes and Mr Mbugua got slightly over 700. There was nothing like stepping down for anyone,” the MP said.

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