PHOTO – This is The Posh Car Ken Wa Maria Glides In

February 27, 2014

kenHonestly, I think the problem ailing our poor continent is one thing and one thing only, lack of creativity. Our brains are asleep, sound asleep. We have refused to think and make use of our God given talents, but not all of us of course. Big up to all of you out there who are making a living off your talents. They are free for heavens sake. Take time, find yours and capitalise on it.
If you think music doesn’t pay, then I don’t know what hole you’ve just emerged from and how you managed to access this. Music does pay, in fact, it pays very well. It has enabled vernacular singer Ken Wa Maria to finance his lavish lifestyle and also afforded him the posh cars he is normally seen around in. The fundamentals hit maker roles in a blue mercedes benz CLK, among others. Take a look.
ken wamaria
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