Miley Cyrus- “I Wish I Could Be in Kenya”

February 6, 2014

miley1American singer Miley Cyrus has stated her desire to come to Kenya. The controversial musician has in the past year shaken up the entertainment industry with the twerking craze and continues to be one of the most talked about star in the world.
The wrecking ball  singer, who has been in the spotlight from a young age as Hannah Montana on a self titled television show,  admitted her dream is to visit Kenya in a recent interview.
Below is an excerpt of the interview:

“I never leave the house,” Cyrus explains. “Why go to a movie? I’ve got a huge-ass TV. We’ve got a chef here that can make you great food. We don’t need to leave. I would just rather be here where I’m completely locked in.”
…In the garage are Cyrus’s motorcycle, a white Mercedes S class, a Porsche, and a Maserati—but with the paparazzi outside, Cyrus says, exits require planning.
She betrays a note of yearning when I mention I’m about to depart for an assignment in Kenya.
“I want to go to Kenya,” she says.
I tell her to come: “No joke. You could do it.”
“Kenya’s my dream,” she says. “Kenya is my total dream. I wish I wasn’t going to be in Minneapolis next week, I wish I could be in Kenya.”

Welcome to Kenya… Hakuna Matata.

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