Lupita’s Rise To Stardom…This is How She Got The ’12 Years a Slave’ Role

February 11, 2014

lupiBy this time, everyone knows who Lupita Nyong’o is. She played Patsey in the award winning movie 12 Years A Slave, but did you know how she landed that role? I bet you didn’t.
In a recent interview with the New York Magazine, Lupita revealed that the idea to audition for the role of Patsey was not even her own. Apparently, it first came from her manager, who urged her to tape an audition and send to the producers in LA.
The movie director, Steve McQueen, was wowed by Lupita’s tape; he says he could not believe what he saw.
“I just kind of rubbed my eyes in disbelief and needed someone else to confirm what I was seeing.” McQueen showed the audition to his 14-year-old daughter. Her response: “Wow. Who is she?”
There and then, he ended his long search for Patsey and just like that, an unknown Kenyan actress was set on a path that would make her one of the most idolised Hollywood actresses and a national hero in her own country. Mcqueen describes her acting as natural and simply graceful.
“I think she amplified the humanity, but there’s a certain kind of beauty to it, there’s a certain kind of openness,” says McQueen. “You know, there’s been a lot said about dark-skinned black actresses and the limitations they have within film. Well, I just hope that directors and other creative people have the idea of putting her in great and interesting projects, because she’s extraordinary.”
Lupita has been nominated in several awards including the Oscars, where she remains hopeful of winning the best supporting actress award.

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